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I am a System Engineer/Freelance Developer, I design and develop modern and responsive applications








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Hi! I'm Shadice
I currently work as a system engineer in Jamaica for a tech company I specialise in the ATM space (what can I say, I love everything technology related). However, my passion has always been and always will be development. Since I was a child I loved to build - taking things apart and putting it back together, doing things on the creative side. I was destined to be a developer and I am working everyday to make that dream come true to the greatest extent.

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I value simplicity and structure, a clean design goes a far way.

UX, UI, Web, Apps, Logos


I prefer building from ground up (from scratch), but i can and have used other medium. I enjoying seeing my designs come to life.

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Python, PHP


Illustration goes hand in hand with design and I use it to help tell a story.

Figma, Illustrator, Cinema 4d, Affinity Designer

What I Know

It is essential for me to be able to create all components that is needed in the creation of a website. My experience and knowledge goes well over 2 years and I am always looking forward to learn new techniques and languages.


HTML, CSS, Javascript

Bootstrap, React

HTML Expert
CSS Expert
Javascript Proficient
Bootstrap Proficient
React Beginner

I Build Applications That Captivates!

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Over the years I have used multiple Web and Mobile applications across different industries. I have made it my hobby to create and innovate my own.

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